Who’s in need of a detox?

If you just said ‘not me’ quite proudly, we’ve got some news for you – everyone is in need of a detox from time to time, even the hottest celebrities.

Yep, even the lovely Selena Gomez will need a detox at some point!

Whether via your diet or the environment, toxins have a habit of finding their way into your body. And when toxins build up in your system, you start to feel pretty lousy. Your skin sucks and you feel rundown.

This is your body’s way of telling you that it needs a detox, girl.

One of the easiest ways to purify your blood (which is essentially what a detox is) is to drink a glass of lemon juice each morning.

Lemon Juice Slows Down the Ageing Process

‘I can’t wait to age!’

Said no one ever.

‘I know right. I just wish I could age faster, sigh.’


Here’s the deal: you don’t want to age quickly (you most likely don’t want to age at all). So what you need to start doing is drinking more lemon juice because its powerful antioxidants do a grand job of repairing damaged skin cells.


Lemon Juice is an Effective Antibacterial Agent

TOP 20 BENEFITS OF LEMON JUICE FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY" width="500" height="333"/></a></p><p class=Because lemon juice is such a powerful antibacterial agent, it can help to treat the likes of a sore throat and tonsillitis.


Lemon Juice Boosts Renal Function

Not urinating often enough?

Sorry, that was a personal question. But the fact is that a healthy renal system is very important and you need to do all that you can to look after it.

Like with many things, it all starts with taking better care of your diet.

See, while you can’t do a whole lot to prevent environmental toxins from entering your system, what you can do is improve your diet so that you’re able to eliminate them better.

Drink more lemon juice to improve the health of your renal system and increase your rate of urination.

Lemon Juice Can Fight Acne

TOP 20 BENEFITS OF LEMON JUICE FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY" width="500" height="333"/></a></p><p class=If you suffer from acne, you know exactly how horrible it is. It’s an annoying skin condition that always seems to appear at the worst possible times. It’s a total nightmare!

If you’ve literally tried every single cure you can think of to eliminate your acne, you might have already given up. But have you tried lemon juice yet?

Drinking lemon juice each day can clear up your acne, and it can also help to erase acne scars that are lingering too long.

Lemon Juice Prevents Greasy and Oily Hair

Sick and fed up of oily and greasy hair? We get it, of course. Hair is so important. The more full and fresh your mane looks and feels, the better you feel. Confidence is restored.

To make sure that your locks are as lush as possible, consider drinking a glass of warm lemon juice each morning. It really helps.